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I Got a Right to the Tree of Life

Speaker: Dr. Kathy Bullock

co-sponsored by the First Unitarian Women’s Alliance and the Worship Ministry

Gathering Music.
Ethan McCollum
Chime and Welcome .
Devi Pierce
Lighting the Chalice and
Black Lives Matter Candle
Claudia Runge
Opening Words and
Introduction of Speaker
Call to Worship.
Dr. Kathy Bullock
Hymn #149.
Lift Every Voice and Sing
Words: James Weldon Johnson
Music: J. Rosamond Johnson
Moment for All Ages.
Parker Looks Up
by: Parker and Jessica Curry
illus: Brittany J. Jackson
Song for Our Children.
Go in love, our hearts go with you.
Go in joy, our hopes go too.
Learn in love and grow in wisdom.
Shine your light in all you do.
as they exit to RE
I Got A Right to the Tree of Life
Dr. Bullock
Our Mission.
We are a church of reason and spirit
that witnesses for progressive faith
nurtures our community
and transforms our world
Our CovenantLove is the spirit of this church
and service is its law
This is our great covenant
to dwell together in peace
to seek the truth in love
and to help one another
Joys and Sorrows.
Musical Response .
Invitation to Generosity.
Ella’s Song: We Who Believe in Freedom
Cannot Rest Until It Comes
by Dr. Bernice Johnson Reagon
Dr. Bullock
Extinguishing the Chalice.
We extinguish this flame,
but not the light of truth,
the warmth of community,
or the fire of commitment.
These we carry in our hearts
until we are together again
Stewardship Moment
Closing Words.

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We welcome all persons to participate fully, openly, and equally, in all aspects of our congregational life, in ever-widening circles of inclusion. We respect and affirm diversity and its gifts in race, ethnicity, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation, family or relationship structure, gender identity, gender expression, sex, abilities, neurodiversity, age, socio-economic class, political views, religious belief, creed, or interpretation of religion.

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Vaccination is no longer required for entrance to the building but highly encouraged:  The evidence is clear – vaccines save lives. The booster shots now available protect more people, better and longer. Get your booster shot for yourself and for everyone.

Masks are Optional:  We suggest that you please wear masks over your nose and mouth while in the building, whether you are vaccinated or not, in order to respect others’ concerns regarding safety. Even though the vaccine radically reduces the possibility of death and hospitalization, the virus can still be carried in the nose and throat of vaccinated people and transmitted to people who are susceptible. We will continue to provide masks and sanitizer by the entrances.  

  • 9:30-12:30 Nursery
  • 11:00 am Celebration of Life – Children attend until about 11:15, leaving after the Moment for All Ages
  • 11:15ish Children’s RE Grades preK – grade 4. Room 203 Every Sunday. Caregjvers pick up after the service

Our Staff
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Ethan McCollum, Choir Director
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Kristen Drehmel, Building Supervisor
Michael Purintun, Bookkeeper
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