The Justice "Broadside"

The Justice Broadside provides a compendium of area social justice events and actions of interest to First Unitarian. We are small in number, but we can add our voices to people of good will throughout the communithy to effect change.

Upcoming events:

First U Lou Broadside

March for Our Lives Louisville: 1:30pm to 4:30pm, Saturday, 24-Mar-2018 - As a continuation of student walkouts from schools to advocate for gun safety, there will be marches across the nation on this day. Louisville's march will start near Waterfront Park, at Witherspoon and Brook at 1:30pm. It will proceed along Main St. to 6th, then down 6th to Jefferson, ending in front of Metro Hall for a rally. These marches are driven by students, but we ALL need to show up and support them. Members/friends of the three Louisville UU congregations and ALL OUR COMMUNITY FRIENDS are invited to congregate at First U's parking lot. If we fill it up, we'll deal with that somehow, but please car pool to First U if at all possible. 1) A group will walk from First U to the start of the march, leaving First U around 12:45pm. With the actual march and walking back to First U after the rally, this is about a 3 mile loop, spread out over several hours.
2) Another group will walk from First U to Metro Hall, and back, leaving at around 2:00pm. The round trip distance is a bit under 2 miles, again spread out over a few hours. Finally, the free Zero bus stops just in front of First U about every 30 minutes and passes near the Metro Hall rally site. The last return bus is around 5:45pm. And if anyone is willing to shuttle people from First U to the walk start, that may happen. The plan is that we march as a group, with church banners if possible. We'll have water and bathrooms at First U, before and after the march. The walk Facebook information is at:
CLOUT Heads Up: The annual CLOUT Nehemiah Action Assembly will be held at 6:30pm, Tuesday, 17-Apr-2018, at Memorial Auditorium, 970 S. Fourth St., doors open at 5:45pm. This is the grand convocation at which politicians and civic leaders see the size of CLOUT membership and are asked to commit to social justice and civic actions advocated by CLOUT. First U has been active in the funding issue for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, which went unfunded for over ten years until CLOUT brought the issue to the Metro Council meeting week after week. CLOUT continues to work for a dedicated funding source for this trust fund.
A new effort is addressing the need for compassionate treatment instead of jail for those with mental health and substance abuse problems. In the past, the LMPD had no alternative but to arrest and detain people committing relatively minor crimes while dealing with these issues. New programs to offer help, not punishment and a record, are being developed, but need support from Metro Louisville. CLOUT is working on this issue and needs our support, now and at Nehemiah! Contact Jane Martin Buckley, Trish Ramey or Del Ramey for more information. '
Arms of Compassion: 11:30am, Friday's as needed, Jefferson Square, 6th and Jefferson Streets. A simple "say the name" ceremony to commemorate recent murder victims of violence in Metro Louisville. Check Facebook for meeting status:
4:30pm to 6:30pm, Saturday, 17-Mar-2018, Corn and Nixtamal Festival, celebrating Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. Grind corn, make tacos, beans and rice provided. Bring a dish to share. La Casita Center, 223 E. Magnolia Ave.
2:00pm, Sunday, 18-Mar-2018, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense monthly meeting, First U Lou sanctuary and social hall.
5:30pm/6:00pm, Monday, 19-Mar-2018, League of Women Voters dinner/meeting, Reconciliation: White and Black Women Work for Voting Rights. 115 S. Ewing Ave.
6:00pm to 8:00pm, Monday, 19-Mar-2018, JCPS Community Conversation, Girls to Gallows: How the Pipeline is Getting More Fluid For Girls of Color, Cherie Dawson-Edwards, Louisville Urban League, 1535 W. Broadway.
5:30pm, Wednesday, 21-Mar-2018, UofL Fair Housing Workgroup, Dept. of Urban and Public Affairs, 426 W. Bloom St., Rm. 123.
7:00pm to 8:00pm, Wednesday, 21-Mar-2018, Unseen: Lecture Series on Systemic Racism, Kendall Boyd, Community. St. Paul Methodist Church, 2000 Douglass Blvd.
1:00pm, Thursday, 22-Mar-2018, LSURJ lunch and learn, Disability Justice and Why It Matters to All of Us, Mariposa Place, 1520 Baxter Ave..
6:00pm, Thursday, 22-Mar-2018, Louisville Metro Council meeting. Support CLOUT at the meeting!
8:00pm to 9:30pm, Thursday, 22-Mar-2018, Comstock Hall, UofL.
9:00am to 3:00pm, Friday, 23-Mar-2018, UofL Brandeis, Symposium: Dismantling Structural Inequality: Lock ups, Systemic Chokeholds, and Race-Based Policing. Continental breakfast from 8:00am to 9:00am.
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