Our Criteria for Return to Services in the Pandemic

If you click on the title “Our Criteria…” then click on the blue COVID 19 In-Person Risk Response Matrix – Rev 3.10.22  you will find a matrix of our plans for return to services and church activities.

     Covid status as of 5/10/22:

  • The current risk level in Louisville/Jefferson County is LOW.
  • Weekly new cases has appeared to plateau at about 175 per 100K
  • Weekly covid admissions is also steady at about 3.


  • Attendees (both adult and children) no longer need to show proof of vaccination, although vaccination is highly encouraged.
  • Mask use is optional 
  • Social distancing is optional
  • Group singing is allowed with masking
  • Children’s RE ∙ Children’s RE is meeting with masking
  • There is no childcare.
  • Social hour ∙ Social hour is taking place

If you zoom:

  • Services will continue to be accessible via zoom every week in addition to the in-person options.
  • Religious Education Classes — Contact DRE Loren Crawford ([email protected]) for the RE link.

We will be acting according to the 3 risk levels determined by the CDC and the Covid Act Now working group, using the numbers for Louisville/Jefferson County as our guidelines.
If at ANY point the trending reverses and moves up significantly, we will immediately tighten
restrictions to the next higher level. This could even mean returning to fully virtual if
conditions look like they will become severe again.

So, let’s all show our love for our community and ourselves by remaining vigilant. We
are excited to be gathering together again!!