REFLECTION: Ranwa Hammamy

“Grounding ourselves into a deep gratitude for the miracle of our bodies – however they look, move, and interact with the world around us – includes not only a celebration of our individual physical beings, but also a deep reverence for the intimacy of our connections.  After all, our bodies do not exist in a vacuum – we physically interact with countless structures, systems, and communities each day that impact, and are impacted by, our flesh, bones, and spirit.  For some of us, these interactions are predominantly empowering moments of welcome and respect. And for some of us, we encounter confusion, denial, and outright rejection as our norm. As Unitarian Universalists, we have historically embraced the breadth of our lived experiences of the world as a faithful teacher, crossing the permeable barrier between sacred and profane to deepen our embodiment of liberating and life-affirming holy truths.”

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— May we remember and live into the values of our faith, embodying our collective power as we create communities of care, affirmation, and celebration. —