A Tomb is No Place to Stay

For a Recording of this service please click HERE.   The existence of this recording is a modern miracle – because the internet went out completely.  We normally depend on the recording made through Zoom, but on this Sunday, Zoom failed 11 minutes into the service.  Our Tech Team, primarily consisting of Jim Fry who managed to make a cell phone recording of part of the service and Trish Ramey who edited the video, was able to save some of the service for those of us not in the church that day.

Join us for this celebratory service in which we explore the Easter Story on several levels—historical, spiritual, and metaphorical.   We will be joined by the First Unitarian Church Choir as well as the Band.   There will be a Membership Recognition Ceremony during the service for those who have recently signed the membership book.  And!  The annual Easter Egg Hunt with an enhanced Coffee Hour (light brunch-style) will be part of the celebration after the worship service.