Allying for Justice: It’s a Verb Y’all

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We often find ourselves being called to be an ally for social justice.  That is, defining ourselves in a way that positions us as working on behalf of and accountable to those people most impacted by oppression, violence, and injustice.  “Ally” is both a noun and a verb, and there are inherent and often overlooked harms that result in focusing on the noun form. We’ll enter a conversation about these dangers, and look at the benefits of instead, focusing on how we best ally for justice.


Our speaker, Rus Funk, is the Director of the Justice Center at All Peoples.  He is a long-time UU and justice organizer, Within the UU community, he is founder of the Greater Washington Justice Action Network (the first effort to coordinate efforts amongst the justice committees of the UU Congregations  in the greater Washington DC area), and is co-founder of the Kentucky UU Justice Action Network (where he also serves as Coordinator).  He lives in the Highlands with his partner, their child and a cat who belongs to himself