Politics and Relationships

This service is about mending relationships with family and friends during a time when many of us are in pain.  We recognize that political identity has become so toxic that the ties that have bound us in the past are severely strained.  We seek to rebuild connections that have been torn in conflict with those we love.  Using our Unitarian Universalist principles, we are especially poised to take the lead in repairing those rifts in our families and friends.

Bev Daly is our speaker today.  She is a long term member of First Unitarian.  Her professional career in higher education has been devoted to finding facts and data to support decision making.  Through this attention to finding facts in governance, commerce, and higher education she developed a reputation for speaking truth to power.  This combined with her background in political science and a strong belief in the value of family connections has led her to seek ways to repair extended family rifts through using her UU experiences.