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The theme for March is vulnerability, but for me to speak of vulnerability as a virtue, I need to talk about what I think of as the virtuous path, the path between two extremes. We’re often taught that they’re right or wrong, good or bad, true or false, such that we just need to make the correct choice. But sometimes the challenge is to find a place between too much and too little. For example, so much courage as to be foolhardy might be as problematic as so little courage as to be cowardly. So, I’ll look for vulnerability in a between place.  Rev. Elwood Sturtevant

Rev. Sturtevant retired a few years ago after a 31-year ministry at All Peoples UU Congregation here in Louisville, but has agreed to be available to help with pastoral care while First Unitarian is seeking an interim minister.  He is married to Roxanne, a retired teacher, and they have two sons, one of whom is the current Board Chair at All Peoples.  Since retirement, Elwood has served on the boards of several local organizations including the Kentucky Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, has taken classes at the Earth and Spirit Center, and has worked with Roxanne on a shareholder responsibility project involving our local energy utility.