Blessing of the Animals – St Francis and Sanctuary

St. Francis of Assisi is admired by many because of his love of animals.  Many people of faith, therefore, participate in a Blessing of the Animals ritual around the time of his feast day of Oct. 4th.  In addition to inviting our beloved pets to this Sunday’s service for blessings, we will also explore how Francis’ work for justice would align with our congregation’s current efforts to provide sanctuary to protesters who are fighting for the marginalized members of our current-day communities.


Join us for our First U Sunday worship service, which will be held outdoors in a safe, socially distanced space.  Rev. Lori will conduct the service, including the annual pet blessing.  If you want to attend in person, see the midweek update in your email, or send an email to [email protected]The service will also be broadcast via Zoom as usual.

If you would like for your pets’ pictures to be shown instead of bringing them to a public place, please send the picture to “[email protected]” with the title “Pet Blessing”.  Include your name and your pet’s name.  Thank you!!

Here is a link to the Homily