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As the United States began exploring whether people “are really capable or not of establishing good government from reflection and choice,” some people wondered whether Calvinism’s teachings about the “total depravity” of human beings and predestination to salvation or damnation fit with our experiment in self-government. Unitarianism and Universalism arose in this country at a time when people were being called by the possibilities for human good that freedom created.

These days, “called” is a word that is often applied to ministers, but I think UUs have a sense that everyone is called to be their best selves.   At a time when it seems that our nation and our world is being divided by fears, is there still a way for us to be called together?


Rev. Sturtevant is a retired UU minister, having served at All Peoples
UU Congregation here in Louisville for 31 years. He’s agreed to
speak occasionally and help with pastoral care until our Interim
Minister begins her ministry with us on August 1st.