The Power of the Powerless: Living in truth to create peaceful change.

 As we explore the theme of Peace during December, Elizabeth Fairhead will examine how an individual’s search for truth and integrity can lead to peacefully transforming our society.

Elizabeth Fairhead has been attending First Unitarian for many years and contributes to the Religious Exploration ministry. Currently working for the Kentucky College of Art + Design, she has been an instructor in both World and American History at the University of Louisville, taught for the Governor’s Scholars Program, Jefferson Community and Technical College and the Citizenship Program at Kentucky Refugee Ministries.  She holds an MA in Liberal Studies from St. John’s College and a PhD in American Studies from Michigan State University. Her research interests focus on the intersection of religious and scientific thought in Early America. She has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards as well as the Fothergill Award for Excellence in Research of William Bartram and Early America.