Change Is Coming (Probably)

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Speakers: Linette Lowe, Cassandra Culin, Jill Sampson

What does it mean to be a living tradition of wisdom and spirituality?  What are the practical implications of belonging to a living tradition?  As the UUA has been working on updating the Article II section (Principles and Sources) of our shared bylaws, what does that mean for our congregation now and how can we engage with the changes in preparation for the upcoming vote at our June 2023 General Assembly? Join Jill, Cassandra and Linette to explore our shared values together!


Jill Sampson is a UU for 20+ years, General Assembly Lover.  She runs on Diet Coke, and spends all her free time reading Twitter. Jill is currently serving on your board as Treasurer.

Linette Lowe has been a member at First U since 1997, is a candidate for UU ordination, and recently completed her MDiv at Louisville Seminary.  She is the Executive Director of Central Louisville Community Ministries, housed at First U, and lives in the country with her family, dog Lucy, and herd of cats.

Cassandra Culin, a member of First Unitarian Church for 25 years, is currently active on our Committee on Homelessness.