Come Together, Kentucky for LGBTQ Rights and More!

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Executive Director of the Fairness Campaign Chris Hartman will share his journeys across the Commonwealth of Kentucky over the past decade to promote LGBTQ rights and win Fairness in rural communities all over the state.  Guided by the core values of the Fairness Campaign, Chris works to build authentic relationships rooted in justice, education, and anti-racism wherever he goes, which are the keys to success in social justice organizing.

Chris Hartman is the first director of Kentucky’s Fairness Campaign.  In the past several years, he has helped increase the number of Kentucky municipalities with anti-discrimination LGBTQ Fairness Ordinances from three to twenty-three.  Chris previously served as Congressman John Yarmuth’s campaign press secretary, an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America) in St. Louis, and Philadelphia director of the Democratic National Committees’s open-air Grassroots Campaign in the 2004 presidential election.  He holds an M.A. in Drama from Washington University in St. Louis.  Chris currently serves on the board of the national Equality Federation and was Chair of the Louisville Metro Landmarks Comission.  He was named the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau’s “Partner of the Year,” is a Bingham Fellow, a Community Foundation of Louisville Alden Fellow, and was an LFBTQ Fellow of the Rockwood Leadership Institute.  He formerly toured the nation performing Shakespeare for youth and continues to improvise.  Chris uses the pronouns he/him/his.