Covenant Beyond Church

One of the tenets of our Unitarian Universalist faith is an emphasis on covenants instead of creeds.  Ours is a faith of relationship and promise instead of doctrine and belief.  While often used in the context of religion, covenants as freely-made promises that guide our behavior can extend far beyond the bounds of church life.  Celebrating this month’s theme of covenant, Rev. Lori will explore the intentionality of covenantal connections and its potential to deepen relationships.  Woven into our exploration will be a look at how atonement, practiced during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, is interwoven into being in covenant with one another.

Above is the blurb published a week before this service.  Because we were pulled by the hand of history into becoming a Sanctuary for protestors when the AG announced the decision of the Grand Jury on September 23, this sermon morphed into a reflection on our first 4 nights serving as sanctuary during the Louisville curfew.  If the Rev. Lori looks tired to you, she is, after spending a couple of very late nights in the church.