Cultivating Our Center

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Can we postmoderns still “find our center”? Or is a stable, “essential” center more illusory than real? In the shadow of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Heather Thiessen will suggest that we need to ask ourselves a different question: Will we commit to cultivating a compassionate center, open to critical reflection, but solid enough to function as character?

Guest preacher Heather Thiessen (M.Div., Ph.D.) is a Bible-reading, Presbyterian Church Sunday School teaching and choir singing, small fuel efficient car driving, still pretty much second wave feminist and generally out lesbian Hoosier mom (no states are all one color), happily married to our own Devi P. From time to time she teaches religious studies at Spalding. One of her early and continuing interests is the sociology of knowledge.  At Spalding she taught World Religions and Literature with an emphasis on the role of women.  Prior to her 12 years at Spalding she served as the administrator of the Women’s Center at the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary