Enduring wisdom of the Unitarian Plato, the son of Nagyenyed, Transylvania

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Today’s speaker, Robert Kokenyesi, expert on all-things relating to Hungarian Unitarianism, will do a deep dive into early Unitarianism in Hungary, especially into the history and beliefs of Enyedi Gyorgy*, often referred to as the Unitarian Plato.

Also, speaking today are Beverly Moore and Marge Warden, both First U members who traveled to Transylvania with the first group of First U members who were supporting the Unitarian churches there including First U’s own partner church in Nagyenyed.


*Enyedi Gyorgy was born in 1555, and wrote over 200 sermons. Sprinkled among the passages of Bible-interpretation we find nuggets of commentary about justice, teachers, gossip, election of office holders, harming others for one’s entertainment, and church attendance. Could this still apply to people of the 21st century? You be the judge.

From our Speaker, Robert Kokenyesi:

I was born in Hungary and lived there until 1982 when I immigrated to the USA. I have a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; after doing biomedical research for decades now I teach anatomy and physiology at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL. I have been part of the UU partner church movement since 1995 serving as translator and committee member at several churches. I operate the unitariantorch.com site where I post my English translations of Transylvanian Unitarian sermons.