Margaret Mead Was Right

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Tom FitzGerald, former director of the Kentucky Resources Council, will lead an exploration of the role of communities of faith during a time of great environmental challenge.

Tom FitzGerald (“Fitz”) was Director of the Kentucky Resources Council from 1984 – 2021. KRC is a non-profit environmental advocacy organization providing free legal,
strategic and policy assistance to individuals, organizations and communities concerning environmental quality, resource extraction, energy, and utility issues. He is now of
counsel to the Kentucky Resources Council and has been KRC’s lobbyist before the Kentucky General Assembly since 1984.

Fitz has been a lowly Adjunct Professor of Energy and Environmental Law at the Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville since 1986 and has published a number of articles.  His specialty area is environmental change, health, safety and quality of life with an emphasis on those least able to help themselves.  He received the Environmental Quality Commission Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002; the Henry R. Heyburn Public Service Award from the UK College of Law in 2003, the Kentucky Nature Preserves Commission Biological Diversity Award in 2003, the inaugural Professional Achievement Award from the University of Kentucky College of Law Alumni Association in 2008, the 14 th Heinz Award in the Environment Category in 2008, the Brennan-Haly Award from the University of Louisville Department of Political
Science in 2012, and the Kentucky Bar Association Donated Legal Services Award in 2021.