Faith: From One UU’s Perceptions

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Faith is a word often associated with right wing evangelical Protestantism, although faith is an important component of liberal religion as well.  Faith itself cannot be seen or measured, but the deeds we do are a result of our faith.  Rather than allowing a word to be co-opted by one group of people, maybe UUs need to make even more of an effort to highlight our faith by actions.
Today’s service is led by two members of the Worship Ministry
Carol – is a native Louisvillian who migrated from Catholicism to UUism as an adult.  After a stint at All Peoples (formerly known as TJ) she and her husband Steve Tonnemacher joined 1st U. Carol is retired from the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, and now has the time to indulge her passions: swimming, hiking, camping, and grandchildren.
Kathie – also came to UUism via the Catholic Church. She has been a member of 1st U for 30 years, while her husband Ron Johnson is a dedicated friend of our church.  Kathie is retired from UofL where she was an Associate Professor in the Libraries, serving as Archivist and Curator of the History Collections at the Health Sciences Library.