Flower Communion

Flower Communion is a Unitarian ritual instituted 97 years ago this month by the Rev. Norbert Capek, who was at the time the minister of the Prague Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia.  That first gathering was to celebrate brotherly and sisterly love, devotion, and the comradeship of brethren everywhere, underscoring humanity’s universality and diversity.  This message, nearly a century old, is relevant to our current times as we fight for justice for all.  Join Rev. Lori in the courtyard or on zoom for this beloved UU tradition

If you want to share your flowers as a slide online – take a picture of YOURSELF with your flowers.  Yourself can include family members and pets – and flowers may be still in the ground or beautifully cut and arranged.  If you don’t have anything growing, buy or borrow a few, or even use a painting of flowers.  Send your pictures to [email protected] by SATURDAY, June 13.