To This I Give My Heart – in person and on Zoom

The link to the entire service is archived, and available on request to [email protected].

Like David, with 5 stones in his pocket, trying to defeat Goliath, each of us goes up against life’s giant problems with a limited set of tools. Religions across time have used the metaphor of David’s five stones to represent their religion. UUs are no different, with our theologian James Luther Adams who called them the 5 smooth stones of liberal religion. Today it might be time to admit the five rocks in my pocket seem more jagged with rough sharp edges and the giants we face, likely won’t be beat with one sling of a rock, but with consistent faith in and movement toward, a beloved community. Will those jagged rocks in my pocket be the key to changing the world we live in?

Jill Sampson is a member of First Unitarian. Jill grew up in central Indiana but has been in Louisville now for 25 years although you can’t tell it from her accent. She lives with an awesome spouse in dogleg-camelback-shotgun house in Germantown. She has a biochemistry degree from the Ag School at Purdue and an MBA from U of L. She’s currently working for a firm that is optimizing gasoline and diesel transportation costs and logistics. For fun she golfs, reads, writes, dabbles with an art journal and reads her twitter feed. At First Unitarian, you might find her at book club, in a meeting, counting money on Sunday, or helping keep the kitchen orderly. Please don’t ask her to sing.

The metaphor of the 5 Jagged Rocks of Unitarian Universalism originated with Revs. Nancy Bowen and Mike Morran.  The workbook that gives its title to this service is available from the UUA bookstore: