The Mystery of Community

In times like these, when the church has left the building, what does it mean to be in community?  How can we be together apart?  As the Executive Director of Central Louisville Community Ministries, Linette Lowe will explore some of the mystery and magic of community at work around us and the power it has to change us and our world for the better.


About Linette Lowe:

Linette is a beloved and familiar figure at First Unitarian Church, whose services are well known for being thought provoking and empathetic.   While serving as our Director of Religious Education (DRE), she entered seminary with the goal of becoming a Unitarian pastor.  We were sorry to lose her as DRE in the summer of 2018, when she started working full time as the director of the Central Louisville Community Ministries.  But though she left one job at First Unitarian, Linette is still in the building, and very much still in our church family, singing in the choir and attending with her son and husband.  Through this period of quarantine she has remained active in CLCM, feeding double to triple the normal number of people through the Calvary food pantry and helping those who need help to stay afloat.  We welcome her back to the pulpit at First Unitarian.