Hosanna! and the Big Palm Sunday Misunderstanding

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As Unitarian Universalists, we don’t usually celebrate Passion Week and its culmination at Easter. We do celebrate Easter Eggs which actually come from pagan Rite of Spring festivals. Still, there are important lessons that can be taken from the ideas around Easter — betrayal, giving one’s life for others, even resurrection or as UUs usually talk about it, rebirth or renewal. But we don’t talk much about Palm Sunday which celebrates Jeus’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem at Passover, just a few days before his crucifixion. What can we learn from that event?

First U member Trish Ramey will lead us into an understanding of why Palm Sunday was important in creating the aura of Kinghood on this simple carpenter’s son and the misunderstanding that arose between HIS real purpose and what his disciples and the people of Jerusalem were hoping for from this miracle-maker. So, ultimately, the topic is misunderstandings, the harm we do to one another without intending to, and what we can do to avoid them or how to make up for them after the fact. Join us.