Beltane – In Praise of Spring

Click on the blue words for the videos for the first half of the service and the closing quarter.  The homily is here.–>  In praise of spring.  We regret that the homily which included some personal comments and transitional statements was not recorded, but we are human, daggone it.  We are glad to at least be able to share the pictures and poems.

Beltane is the pagan celebration of the spring equinox, traditionally held at the end of April.  The night of April 30 fires are lit, people dance and sing and make merry.  The next day, children and the young at heart dance the Maypole.  Our musical and artistic celebration of spring will feature video of the children of First Unitarian dancing the Maypole in our courtyard.  We encourage you to take your laptop outside, so that you can enjoy the celebration from your gardens at home.