Let Us Break Bread Together: The Politico-Spirituality of Food

For a video of this service, please click HERE.

In this worship service, Rev. Macklin and the First Unitarian Church Seventh Principle Team will explore our interdependence with each other, our planet, and the food that nourishes our lives.  We will explore those who are activists in the area of food democracy, sustainability, and health, including anthropologist and environmentalist Jane Goodall who wrote, Harvest for Hope: A Guide for Mindful Eating.  Of note, Goodall celebrates her 90th birthday this Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024, and is utilizing the whole year to promote the health of our planet.

The Seventh Principle of  Unitarian Universalism is Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part. This Sunday begins an entire Earth Month sponsored by the Seventh Principle Team. Each week will bring with it a different focus: Food, Plastics, Recycling, Nature. The overall theme is “We can’t do everything but we can do something!”


The Mighty Shades of Ebony will join us for our worship service. The Mighty Shades of Ebony is A Louisville-based hip-hop, neo-soul group that promotes empathy and critical thinking through song lyrics. The Mighty Shades of Ebony mixes activism with performance. The teen group writes and performs original lyrics about social, economic and environmental issues.

Three years ago, the Mighty Shades of Ebony started a nonprofit called Justice League L.O.U., which stands for Love, Outreach and Unity. “Love leads to outreach. If you have love for your community, you’re gonna want to reach out and help them and outreach brings unity, so it all comes back full circle,” Genesis Hatchet said. Hatchet, a duPont Manual junior, said the group performs their songs to address real-world problems.