Liberating Love: First Unitarian in Louisville 1840-1880

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Jennifer Lavery, co-writer of the First Unitarian’s 175th anniversary history, returns to the pulpit and the slide projector for the first of two sermons on the activist ministry of the Reverend John Healy Heywood and First Unitarian church members from 1840 to 1880.   Rev. Heywood inspired members as they worked to found the public schools and the University of Louisville, oppose slavery, support the Union, care for wounded soldiers, raise wages for seamstresses, and provide shelter for aging widows.

About the Speaker:
Religious historian Jennifer Lavery holds an M.Div. from the Presbyterian Seminary and an M.A. in the philosophy of religion from Vanderbilt. She taught religious studies courses at U of L for 23 years.  She was a member of First Unitarian Church from 1996-2005 and worked as its church administrator from 2001-2003, when she came to love the history that has occurred within its stone walls.