Look into the Mirror

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“Do you feel beautiful?  What makes you feel beautiful?  What is the relationship between loving and feeling beautiful?  In a time when 7 out of 10 adolescent girls do not feel attractive, can we question what it is about our culture that objectifies?  Come and find out what can we do help each see the beauty in ourselves and in the world. . .”  Inspired by the words of Unitarian minister Rev. Julie Stoneberg.

Jane Martin Buckley has been a member of First Unitarian Church for over 30 years.  She is a Systems Analyst in Clinical Information Technology for Humana, Inc.  She holds Bachelor’s degrees from Western Kentucky University in Philosophy and Mathematics, and has been a high school teacher in Jefferson County, and is also a graduate of University of Louisville School of Law, and a member of the Kentucky Bar Association.  She has a lifelong commitment to UU Adult Religious Enrichment and is trying to become a bodhisattva (“one who seeks awakening”), and is committed to feminist ideas and ideals.