Loving Our Own Bodies

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The General Assembly 2024 Ware Lecture was given by Julia Watts Belser – a rabbi, scholar and spiritual teacher.  Today, First U member Jill Sampson shares her reflections on Belser’s lecture, latest book, and Disability Justice Work.

A video of Rodney Bell, wheelchair dance and aerobatics artist, is featured during the Moment for All Ages.

Speaker Bio: Jill Sampson is a member of First Unitarian.  Jill grew up in central Indiana but has been in Louisville now for 25 years although you can’t tell it from her accent. She lives with an awesome spouse in dogleg-camelback-shotgun house in Germantown. She has a biochemistry degree from the Ag School at Purdue and an MBA from U of L.  For fun she golfs, reads, writes, dabbles with an art journal and doom scrolls on social media. Please don’t ask her to sing.