Overcoming Status Quo Bias and the Art of Compromise 

What would it look like to re-write the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association in a way that encourages us to adapt, grow and change over the next twenty years?
Speaker Bio: Jill Sampson is a member of First Unitarian.  Jill grew up in central Indiana but has been in Louisville now for 20 years although you can’t tell it from her accent. She lives with an awesome spouse in dogleg-camelback-shotgun house in Germantown.  Currently, Jill is doing consulting work for the gas industry and can’t wait to get back to work as a long time volunteer at Actors Theatre. For fun she golfs, reads, writes, dabbles with an art journal and reads her twitter feed.  At First Unitarian, (in a normal year) you might find her at book club, in a meeting, counting money on Sunday, or helping keep the kitchen orderly.  Please don’t ask her to sing