Politeness Meets Passion

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As a religious movement that celebrates diverse beliefs, cultures and experiences, we are called to accept and respect one another. As a church which believes in justice, we are committed to resisting systems and ways of being which create separation, oppression and harm. Can we balance these two conflicting foundational values in our faith? And what does that balance look like and feel like in the present moment when so many freedoms seem at stake.

Rev. Bruce Beisner serves as minister of All Peoples UU Congregation in Louisville. He is a graduate of Meadville Lombard Theological School and led the Bay Area UU Church in suburban Houston, Texas, for nine years before being invited to serve here in Kentucky in the summer of 2021. Bruce and his husband, Jim, now call the South Side of Louisville their home and are the proud “parents” of two  beloved basset hounds named Rose and Lily.