Ruh-Roh, — Row, Row Your Boat

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You are warmly invited to embark on our congregation’s journey with our new Interim Minister, Reverend Mary Ann Macklin. In UU tradition, the departure of a minister, however it may happen, is followed by a 2 year period of reflection and regrouping with an interim minister leading us.  Interim time involves a sense of paddling away from one shore while looking back, then looking forward until the next shore comes into sight.
How do we care for each other along the way? How do we care for the congregation? How do we care for the world? Join us to explore these questions as we welcome our new interim minister to our pulpit.

There will also be a welcome luncheon after the service. Please join us.

About the Interim Minister:

Reverend Macklin was ordained in 1998 in Indianapolis, IN and will celebrate twenty-five years of parish ministry this year.  She served the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington from 2002 to 2022 as a member of a successful Ministry Team and Senior Minister. She also served First Unitarian Society in Madison, WI as a Campus and Parish Minister 1997-2002.   Reverend Macklin and her spouse, Deborah Phelps, have been together for thirty-four years. Deborah is a composer and music therapist who has also served as an oncology and hospice nurse for many years as well. Deborah and Mary Ann live in Bloomington, IN with two cats, DarDar and Moonpie, a bulldog named Hodor as well as five chickens of various names.  Theologically, depending on the day, Rev MAM considers herself a humanist mystic or a mystic humanist. Like many Unitarian Universalists, Reverend MAM is a lifelong learner and looks forward to sharing a journey of learning, caring, creating and justice-making with the members and friends of First Unitarian of Louisville, as well as singing, dancing, sharing stories and the sweet territory of silence with Louisville and beyond.