Single Payer Healthcare – What America Needs Now

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Because Unitarian Universalists  affirm the worth and dignity of every individual the Unitarian
Universalist (UU) General Assembly voted more than 40 years ago to accept a resolution that UU
congregations and individual Unitarian Universalists in the United States be urged to support
adoption of a national publicly funded comprehensive system of universal health care. Since that time the
problems within our health care system have only worsened. Today adoption of a single payer system
seems even more remote despite clear evidence that the publicly funded model in use in other
industrialized countries works better for an equitable, dependable high quality distribution of healthcare.

Our speaker, Jill Harmer, is a member of First Unitarian, a Spanish interpreter at the Family Community
Clinic (free healthcare for the uninsured) and a non-physician member of the Physicians for a National
Health Plan for many years. Her passion and her heart’s work is for healthcare for all.
Jill will be joined on the dais by two physicians who are also members of First Unitarian, Devi Pierce MD
and Pam Middleton MD PhD.