To Bow and to Bend – in person and on Zoom

The link to the full service is available upon request to [email protected].
Anything that happens in a church on Sunday morning is traditionally supposed to be reverent, and we tend to think of reverence as a kind of special quality or attitude usually characterized by silence or hushed voices, stillness, peacefulness, a state of awe.  But reverence may come in more than one size and style, and have nothing peaceful about it.  This service considers the many facets of reverence, why we diminish our church experience when we overlook some of those facets, and how some of our ideas of reverence have changed as a result of the pandemic.
We are delighted to welcome Rev. Kathy Hurt back to our sanctuary.  Rev. Kathy returns for a Sunday at First U after completing a two-year interim across town at All Peoples.  Starting August 1, she will begin her next interim ministry at Unity Church Unitarian in St. Paul, Minnesota, the church that ordained her when she began her work in ministry.  Her present plans call for returning to Louisville to stay following the completion of this next interim assignment.
The image is from the Martha Graham dance company interpretation of “Simple Gifts”.