The Blessing of the Animals

A video of this fun service can be viewed by clicking HERE!

Every year around this time we have our Blessing of the Animals service, and it’s here again! In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we have the opportunity to bring our pets to church to receive a special blessing. Join Reverend Mary Ann and DRE Loren in this special multi-generational service as each of us has the opportunity to share a story about how our pets inspire us and bless us back.

Stories: Please send Reverend Mary Ann  special short stories if you prefer she share  them.

Photos:Please send photos with your name and the name of your pet who is unable to attend.  If you want a memorial mention of a pet who died this year, please note that on the picture.  All photos must be sent to [email protected] BEFORE 7am on Friday October 6.