The Intersecting Circles of Love Between Partner Churches

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Visitors to Transylvania talk about the warm hospitality of the hosts. Might that be because the Unitarian Church in Transylvania is strongly committed to the Biblical commandment by Jesus to love our neighbors? But why did Unitarianism emerge in Transylvania? How did Unitarians survive centuries of severe persecution? What made them an advocate of freedom of faith and conscience? The answers bring into light the most famous son of Nagyenyed, the third bishop of the Unitarian Church.

From our Speaker, Robert Kokenyesi

I was born in Hungary and lived there until 1982 when I immigrated to the USA. I have a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology; after doing biomedical research for decades now I teach anatomy and physiology at Lewis and Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL. I have been part of the UU partner church movement since 1995 serving as translator and committee member at several churches. I operate the site where I post my English translations of Transylvanian Unitarian sermons.

Three speakers who were members or friends of First Unitarian during our Partner Church experience will share their stories of visiting our partner church in Nagyenyed, a town in Transylvania, which is a historical and cultural region in Central and Eastern Europe, encompassing central Romania.