Our Onward March of Justice – ONLINE Only

Please click on the “Live Stream Our Service” link at the top of the home page to view this service on Sunday.  For a copy of the Order of Service that you can print out, click on “News and Events” on the home page, then “What’s Uup on Sunday” and scroll down.

Justice is the cornerstone of our faith community.  One of the ways we live out our principle of worth and dignity of all people is through the CLOUT Justice Ministry Network.   Our worship service on March 22 will lift up four key issues that are currently critical needs to which we are seeking solutions:  allocating funds for safe, decent, affordable housing, removing barriers for older adults who want to age at home, implementing practices in our schools so that thousands of children are safer and more successful, and de-criminalizing mental illness and addiction.


Speakers are Gary Drehmel, Chris Finzer, Kathy Drehmel, and Millie Peters.  Chris, a member of St. John Paul Catholic Church, has been a CLOUT leader for several years, following a career in social work.  Gary, Kathy, and Millie are First U CLOUT  Network leaders.  Chris is chair of the Mental Health and Addiction Research Committee, Gary, and Millie currently serve on CLOUT Issue Research committees.