‘Tis a Gift: Annual Flower Communion Ceremony

You can watch the whole service HERE.

Join us for our Annual Flower Communion Ceremony, a Unitarian Universalist ritual that celebrates beauty, human uniqueness, diversity, and community. Originally created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Čapek of Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Flower Ceremony was introduced to the United States by Rev. Mája Čapek, Norbert’s widow. In this ceremony, everyone in the congregation brings a flower. Each person places a flower on the altar or in a shared vase. The congregation and minister bless the flowers, and they’re redistributed. Each person takes home a different flower than the one they brought. We will have extra flowers for first-time visitors of if you forget yours.

We will also celebrate our Religious Education program and volunteers as part of the Flower Communion Sunday. Rev. Macklin will reflect on her first church year as Interim Minister.