Unknown, Ignored, and Forgotten: Black Women Shaping America

February is Black History month, so we will be honoring some relatively unknown black women who have shaped our nation. Shameka Parrish-Wright joins us in conversation about her experience as a black woman making her way in a white supremacist culture.  She is Site Manager for the Bail Project in Louisville, KY.  Prior to joining The Bail Project, she worked as a community and voter empowerment organizer, a project manager, and, most recently, as a campaign manager. As the child of an incarcerated parent and a formerly incarcerated person herself, Shameka spends weekends doing art activities with families during visitation with The Special Project, a project of the Kentucky Foundation for Women. Shameka serves on the board of The Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research Community Council and The Sowers of Justice Network among others. She holds a degree in Human Resources. Shameka lives in Louisville with her partner and six children.