The Veil is Thin

If you wish to see this service, please email your request to [email protected].

This time of the year is Samhain or Halloween. Samhain is a time to reaffirm our belief in the oneness of all spirits and in our thought that physical death is not the final act of existence. Though death is certainly a part of Samhain symbolism, this sabbat also celebrates the triumph of life over death. The thin veil allows those spirits of our loved ones to venture into our lives, in remembrance, once again.

Debra and Ron are members of the First UU Community and have served the congregation as Board and committee members in the past. They co-facilitate the Covenant of UU Pagans here in the church, and follow an earth centered path. Debra is an ordained minister with Circle Sanctuary and is the host of a twice a month pod cast, in conjunction with Circle Sanctuary Ministries. Debra and Ron both are serving on the Board of Trustees with CUUPs National organization.