Speaker: Jill Sampson

We Make the Path by Moving

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Our faith was never meant to be static, unmoving, a destination that we arrive at, or a status we achieve. A living tradition calls us forward, asking us to build a new way, build a new path, knowing that … read more.

Is the American Dream for Us?

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Explore what it would look like to embrace the American Dream as naturalized citizens of this land we live on, rooted deep, building resilient communities, as if our lives depend on it.

Illustration from the Ithaca … read more.

Overcoming Status Quo Bias and the Art of Compromise 

What would it look like to re-write the Principles and Purposes of the Unitarian Universalist Association in a way that encourages us to adapt, grow and change over the next twenty years?

Speaker Bio: Jill Sampson is a member of First Unitarian.  Jill grew up in central Indiana but has … read more.

On Ramps and Off Ramps: Making Choices

Jill Sampson is a member of First Unitarian Church with expertise in sermon construction and delivery. She returns from the annual General Assembly invigorated and ready to give us information and inspiration.