Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Sabbath: Making Sacred Space

Mark Driscoll once said, “If you can’t take a nap, if you can’t take a day off, heaven’s going to drive you nuts.”  For some heaven can mean contentment or happiness, or maybe a perception of peaceful existence following the extinction of one’s earthly body.  … read more.

Mother’s Day

This time of year is rife with the overarching theme of motherhood.   In addition to Mother’s Day in which the mother figures in our lives are revered, we also celebrate Mother Earth through Earth Day observances, and are especially aware of the workings of Mother Nature during … read more.

The Hope of Easter

Links for the service are in blue:

Here for the first half

Here for the sermon.

Here for the closing

Many people of varying theological backgrounds (and lack thereof) find inspiration in the message of Easter.   As Sarah Anderson once said, “Easter is the message of … read more.

The Choice to Live: A Shot in the Arm

The sermon can be found here.

How often have we recently heard in our First U chats literal day counts until someone is receiving their vaccine.  A majority of UUs join millions of others around the world in eager anticipation of receiving the shot(s) for … read more.

The 8th Principle: a Community Dialog

There was no sermon, because we broke out into discussion groups.

Several Sundays ago First U joined the Lexington UU congregation for a service centered around the 8th Principle, and last Sunday we continued our focus on this proposed new Principle in our own worship service.  … read more.

The 8th Principle: An American Dream

For Lori’s sermon click HERE.

As if over 400 years of evidence wasn’t enough, this past year has been a marker for the need for continued awakening regarding racial justice.  The need is in virtually every aspect of our culture, including religion, and more specifically, … read more.