Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Do Souls Matter?

The complete service is available if you click HERE

There is a theme-based program originated in our UU faith called Soul Matters (which we are starting this month!).  The play on words with the term ‘matters’ is catchy.  More significant is how it touches on … read more.

America: Labor of Love or Love of Labor?

The full service is available by clicking HERE

On this Labor Day weekend we begin to explore our September theme of Embracing Possibility.  The concept of possibility has always been a fundamental part of the American dream, and possibilities are nearly always realized by the … read more.

Shonda’s Waves of Wisdom, Part II

Here is the recording of the complete service.  Here is the audio only recording of the sermon.

In the second of a two-part exploration, Rev. Lori reflects on summertime lessons learned from her travels that required going a short physical distance (to the living room … read more.

Flower Communion

The link to the service has expired, but it can be obtained upon request to the [email protected] .

This joyful annual tradition will mark the beginning of summer – and the return of most of the congregation to live services in the sanctuary.

Mask Requirement: We ask that you … read more.

Sabbath: Making Sacred Space

Mark Driscoll once said, “If you can’t take a nap, if you can’t take a day off, heaven’s going to drive you nuts.”  For some heaven can mean contentment or happiness, or maybe a perception of peaceful existence following the extinction of one’s earthly body.  … read more.

Mother’s Day

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This time of year is rife with the overarching theme of motherhood.   In addition to Mother’s Day in which the mother figures in our lives are revered, we also celebrate Mother Earth through Earth Day observances, and … read more.