Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

Caste Part 3: Is the Heart the Last Frontier?

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In the last several weeks we have explored the concept of a caste system existing in America, and how this unspoken but very real social stratification within our nation inspired the Nazis.
Similar to Parts 1 and 2 of this … read more.

Caste Part 2: The Nazis and US

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On October 23 we took an introductory look at the idea that caste systems exist in places other than India, and in fact exist here in America.  On this Sunday Rev. Lori delves deeper into this concept by exploring … read more.

Courage to Claim Caste, Part 1

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Typically when we hear the term ‘caste’ many of us first think of the rigid social structure that has existed in India for centuries; then perhaps we experience discomfort at the blatant hierarchical categorization of humanity.  On this Sunday Rev. Lori … read more.

A Dynamic Duo: Gratitude and Vulnerability

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A little-known global celebration is World Gratitude Day, coming up September 21st.  While we Americans are more accustomed to considering gratitude at Thanksgiving time, this celebration not only exceeds the bounds of our country, but … read more.