Speaker: Rev. Lori Kyle

The 8th Principle: a Community Dialog

There was no sermon, because we broke out into discussion groups.

Several Sundays ago First U joined the Lexington UU congregation for a service centered around the 8th Principle, and last Sunday we continued our focus on this proposed new Principle in our own worship service.  … read more.

The 8th Principle: An American Dream

For Lori’s sermon click HERE.

As if over 400 years of evidence wasn’t enough, this past year has been a marker for the need for continued awakening regarding racial justice.  The need is in virtually every aspect of our culture, including religion, and more specifically, … read more.

Death and Rebirth: A Winter Solstice Gathering

 You may link to a recording of the sermon here.

Long significant to both humanists and pagans, Winter Solstice has become an important celebration for people of varied faith backgrounds.  During this special Sunday evening service (7pm instead of 11am) Rev. Lori collaborates with our Covenant of … read more.