Speaker: Rev. Mary Ann Macklin

Earth Day in Louisville

Join us for a multi-generational worship service to honor our Earth and learn more about what we can do to create sustainable ways of living, eating, and being citizens of the globe.

We will learn an earth-centered song together, share our ritual … read more.

A Tomb is No Place to Stay

For a Recording of this service please click HERE.   The existence of this recording is a modern miracle – because the internet went out completely.  We normally depend on the recording made through Zoom, but on this Sunday, Zoom failed 11 minutes into the … read more.

Justice: Engaging the Bible

To view this service, please click HERE.

What exactly is the Bible? How did it come into being? How does it engage justice or not engage justice? How is it being used to influence today’s political landscape. How has music spoken about the Bible, from … read more.

Liberating Love: A Shadow Sermon

To view this service, click here.


With a nod toward Punxsutawney Phil’s February 2nd shadow prognostications as well as Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow in our human psyche, we will explore the shadow.  Jung felt that our inability to be aware of and deal with … read more.

The Annual Science Review Sermon: Beware

This service can be viewed HERE.


Join Rev. Mary Ann Macklin as she presents her annual science sermon in which she reviews some of the discoveries, feats, and challenges of science from the previous year.  Utilizing 2023 issues of Science, Science News, and Discover magazines … read more.

Liberating Love: On the Bus with Rosa

You can view this service by clicking HERE.

Join us this Sunday as we recognize Monday’s national holiday of Martin Luther King Jr Day as well as the civil rights movement.   Director of Religious Exploration, Loren Crawford, will offer a story about Rosa Parks.  Reverend … read more.