Speaker: Rev. Mary Ann Macklin

Welcome Invited

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In last Sunday’s service we began to explore the theme of Welcome in our lives. For this service, we will continue that exploration in terms of how we invite Welcome into our lives – through community, friends, the arts and justice. … read more.

The Welcome Whisperer: Welcome Explored

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In this worship service, we will welcome our September theme of the month—WELCOME.  Join us as we explore this theme in its many spirited iterations, inspirations and new ideas.  As Cesar Milan said,  “I am open … read more.

Neurotheology: Science, The Brain and Spirituality

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In this worship service we will explore the interplay of neuroscience, religion and spirituality.  From the God Helmet to recent research in the area of meditation and neuroscience, Rev. Macklin will share thoughts on the physical and metaphorical doorways … read more.

Water Communion

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Water Communion is a beloved annual service in our faith tradition in which we have the opportunity to experience community by sharing water from our lives.  That water may originate from exotic travels to your kitchen tap water, so … read more.