Our Pets: Mutual Blessings

Every year around this time we have our Blessing of the Animals service, and it’s here again!  In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we have the opportunity to bring our pets to church to receive a special blessing.  Join Rev. Lori in this … read more.

Serenity, Courage and/or Wisdom

This October, we are considering the theme of Courage. Like any human attribute in the Western tradition, it does not stand alone, nor do any of us embody always and only Courage. This Sunday, we will consider Courage alongside its fellow travelers and essential helpmates, … read more.

Agree in Love

A covenant is a set of promises that we make to one another, in a Unitarian Universalist religious community, in light of something larger than ourselves. A covenant is a commitment to the relationships we have with one another and to making, maintaining and strengthening … read more.