Cages or Wings? Ask the Birds

We limit ourselves, dream small, and dull our shine, when we are guided by fear rather than by love. How can we be intentional about our choices to make the biggest impact in the world? This is no time to play small.

Remembering Those Who Touched Our Lives


On this, our annual remembrance service, we celebrate people who died in 2021 whose lives positively impacted us as individuals, in our communities, and in some cases throughout the world.  Rev. Lori not only commemorates their lives but also addresses how our own lives can … read more.

The Value of Traditions

In this multi-holiday season, people everywhere celebrate through traditions, some ancient, some recent. What traditions do we honor? Do we ever change a tradition? Do we judge the traditions of others? To view this service, click here.

Kathie Johnson and Carol Edelen, both longtime members of … read more.